Friday, September 08, 2006


I need help, everyone. Adsense is f-ing up my blog. What I want is the ads to appear on the sidebar. Everytime I cut what I believe to be the adsense portion to the sidebar, the entire sidebar runs down to the bottom of the page where it hides from me. Any help? I've had enough computer training to know how to befuddle the code, but I don't know what to do to make things right. Please help!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New facebook plan part of administrative lobbying

Bush Urges Congressional Approval of Eavesdropping Program

All this complaining about the new Facebook Newsfeed, and now this. El Prez has asked for approval of an eavesdropping program, how convenient now that the new facebook has come out. Well, too little time to write, chances are someone's reading this as I type scanning for tagwords to criminalize. Hello, listener!

"Generation Facebook is taking action"

From today, facebook is growing in national attention with this article

On Tuesday morning the popular social networking site unrolled a new feature dubbed the "News Feed" that allows users to track their friends' Facebook movements by the minute. For many of Facebook's 8-million plus student users, it was too much. Within 24 hours, hundreds of thousands of students nationwide organized themselves to protest the new feature. Ironically, they're using Facebook to do it.

So our collective voice is certainly going noticed. What's more funny is to think of how the writers at time found out about this collective protest. Some recent collegiate was bored, at his news-desk surfing facebook. He notices that suddenly facebook has severely changed. not only has it changed, but also there are literally hundreds of protest groups. So, this facebook addict goes to his manager with what suddenly becomes a brilliant idea. Why don't we write a story on the gen-y protest against facebook. Chances are we won't be called gen-y for long. Time's new coining of the term "generation facebook" is likely to catch. As the fervor of the protest goes, so also does the new name.

In other news, I've recently started two facebook groups to protest the change myself. My wife helped me coin the name for an as-yet-unformed group called "I got stalked on facebook, so I went to myspace and got an STD."

Friday, September 01, 2006

For once, just pick a car

Yes, there is a softer side. I'm a car-guy. My wife is a car-guy's wife turned car-woman. Which is pretty awesome considering she now talks with me about cars. But I emphasize with George here. He's done so many great things in his own way, but cars are just not on his radar. So why not cut him some slack and lighten up the cartalk, right? Right.

For liking cars, I have odd tastes. I absolutely love Grey's Anatomy. I think, at times, I make the mistake of believing the characters are real. When I watch, I evaluate as if the show were real, as if the events happening were really happening. When someone dies, I really feel like they died, not like their part in the show is over for the episode. I know its strange and un-guyish and un-car-guyish but there it is. I don't even experience the fullness of the show. I often have to be reminded that the way the doctors treat their patients paralells the way the doctors treat each other. But come hell or high water, on thursday nights, I'm there in front of the screen waiting breathlessly for another hour with my surgeon friends.

But today's Friday and the countdown is reset until my wife and I sit in again on the lives of those in SGH. Whilst I'm at it I may participate. If I have to choose, and choose I will, I would take the euro-spec 7-series with the manual transmission. Something about the ultimate driving machine that just doesn't mix well with "automatic"

Friday, May 26, 2006

WARNING: Personal Injury May Occur

Look at this nice, sedan? Is it? My heart goes thump at the thought of a vehicle like this. Small-looking, Agressively edged, and four doors with dignity. Then, there is the sound of this thing. Oh my. Maserati is the cheaper little-sister company of Ferrari. Fully wrapped surfaces in nice itallian leather. De-tuned V-8 engine that still growls like a ferrari. Four doors. Large wheels. Comes with the F1 flappy paddle shifters that can be set to either automatic or manual. This car is amazing.

I think I have to go. Take a look at this picture down below. If you stay, you just don't get it. If you find yourself lingering, your mouth watering and that fluttery feeling in your stomach that comes with high-speed chases and road rallies then you might just be one of us. Maserati Quattroporte: dignified speed and style. i Love this car.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exhibit A

There you have it, straight from Connaught's own website. The car I've been looking for. This is a V-10 sports car with electric motor piggybacked for exra performance and fuel economy. Sub 7 0-60 mph and >40 mpg. What more does a cash-strapped petrolhead want? I'm pretty sure this is auto-heaven come true.

But, this car isn't what I want. It's small, underpowered, and british. Not to say the brits can't do things right, I like the exige, Bentleys and Astons. Hell, I pretty much like them all. I'm just concerned with the size of this car and the technological innovation capabilities of the Brits. But with the "ultra-compact, 2110cc V10" under the hood and the electric motor attached at the wheels, this car looks to be actually cutting edge.

The more I look at this car, the more I like it. Prices anyone?

Source: Connaught

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A PetrolHead's Response to Technology

So how does one who wants more hp respond to modern technology, and to increasingly militant environmental pressures? We don't go out and all buy Priuses thats for sure (or is it Priusi). But eventually, the sub 10 mpg of the new Ford GT and other high profile sports cars may just prove the high price tag far to high after counting the cost of fuel. For the well endowed, this makes no matter. They buy these cares because they can and ultimately, can also afford the fuel and upkeep.
But what about the enthusiast? Even reasonably priced sports cars have kept moderate to moderately low mpg ratings. And yet, with cars like the Prius establishing new niches in the ultra-green market, no sports cars have capitalized on this concept. This is where the ideas are looking dry. What sports car manufacturers ought to be doing is innovating engine technology like their low-power counterparts. Honda has begun to take on this idea. They've unvelied a version of their v-6 engine with a hybrid attached. They've put it in the sleepy Accord Sedan, making a coke-intoxicated sedan that's light on the gas belt at the same time. Lexus has also incorporated electric motor add-ons to their cars as well.
What should be the goal then? Performance through this sort of innovation. Reviews have looked down upon cars like the Accord Hybrid, but I think they miss the point. The Accord Hybrid not only gets decent mileage, but its a rocket in its own right. This car has the right idea. And we should see more of this. As an enthusiast, I want my mpg to match 1/10th of my horsepower. And this goal is reasonable I think. Take some of these ~300 bhp sedans for sale by those German luxo makers. Instead of adding the displacement or larger turbo, put one of those newfandangled electric motors on the rear wheels and add 60 hp at the wheels. Then, there would be an added bonus for the S/M/AMG version: better fuel economy. Imagine that. With just a little more technological effort, these sport models could soon become the most friendly models. All without a sacrifice in performance.

So, what would the new motto be for this enthusiast movement:
"You've got to pay the price of admission to get in the door, but now you can save a pinch on the ride home."

That's what I'm waiting for. A 300 hp hybrid monster.

If I had kids to take to school, this is what I would do it in

So for the sake of argument, say I've all grown up and now I want that car to take my kids to their private school in. But then, I don't want to arrive at work or that evening drink looking like a dunk either. So what do I buy? What car should I get that will satisfy both my performance desires and my spatial needs with my kids. Furthermore, if I take my wife out for a nice saturday drive, or a friday evening jaunt on the town while we hire a babysitter, will said car make the mood.

Well today I present to you the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Get the AMG trim and you've got a verifiable rocket under the hood. This car is not small, I saw one myself about a month ago and confused it with an S-series. Turns out this is the S-Series for the self-conscious. Not wanting to look stuffy or "old," the CLS is sport, large, and luxury. So I can take the kids to school, with 4 seats (therefore assuming I only have three school aged kids) and after work I can go out for drinks and potential clients will squirm with delight over just what quality service they'll get with guys like me driving cars like that. Finally, this car has four doors, which automatically fits my wife's definition of good looking car, and then its shaped like a coupe which fits my definition of fun to drive. Not cheap, I can only hypothetically own one of these cars for the next few years. But once I can, this is top on my list of cars I'd like to drive every day. Now only if other manufacturers would pick up on the uber-lux-coupe-with-space concept and then I'll have some good old capitalistic choice.

Video: Awesome Boating Fun

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube for this wonderful video. I highly reccomend that if you have the means, you download this wonderful episode which also happens to be the most current as of two days ago. But at YouTube, you can find a whole bunch of really great clips from their episodes. Top Gear is truly a great show. Any of you looking for that entertainment that you've been missing really need to check these people out.

Fast cars, good jokes, english humour, what more can you ask for? Oh wait, there's a different set of censorship laws in the UK and they are much freeer to say more things. Think I'm kidding? Watch this episode and you have:

"Oh Cock."

Thus, I leave you with this nice video to watch whilst I think more about what car I'll talk about next!

Friday, May 19, 2006

My High School Dream

In high school, I was envious of all the kids with the Acura Integra sports cars. So all the kids [cool] had one and I really wanted one. After a brief stint with a Honda C-RV [read hand-me-down from mom], We finally made our way to the CarMax and I picked out an Integra from the likes of Civics, Jettas and ugly Saturns. It drove exactly like I wanted it to; it was a manual transmission with a fancy looking shift-knob [read standard but nicer than my dad's Accord]; and it had some umph. I enjoyed this car. Soon after the day I got it, I took two of my friends out for a drive and promptly ate up all the gas that little tank could hold. I seem to remember that being an ineresting day. One of my friends sat in the back seat and I opened up my nice new sunroof. Under some springtime trees, a few errant seeds bombed the back seat. Those of us in the front just kept enjoying the ride. And boy what a ride. My car left me with a couple complaints in the end, though.

Problem was, something destroyed the suspension. The bottom of the suspension was lower than the ground and the bottom of the car. On curvy country roads [my absolute favorite] going over a slight hill, the front end would scrape. The faster I travelled, the more likely this was to happen. Never a very comfortable feeling. Furthermore, I noticed this on that first drive with friends, a sure embarassment. I should have kept that car, though. It ate rotors like breakfast, but that may have been a mechanic problem. Somewhere within two months after the final brake/tire job [which was supposed to actually fix the car's issues] I decided I was tired of the old Integra and went out for that classic BMW 2002. Cool car, yes, but such a silly, misguided choice.

My mental resolution? Buy the TSX. Too bad my high school years focused on what was "cool" and not the timeless looks of the mid-nineties Integra and its beautiful drive. But now, I like more torque, more posh and lighning 0-60 times. Will I buy the TSX anytime soon? No. But the timeless lesson of a good drive on the country road still weighs heavily on my mind as I think again about cars. Its not what makes the pedestrian go "wow" that I really should concern myself with. Rather, what I truly enjoy to spend hard-earned time with on the way to work and on the way to play. Will I buy my next car based on the story or showroom? No. I'll be listening to the engine, gauging my comfort level in the car, and measuring the acceleration by the pounding in my chest as I go thundering down a countryside road just so that I'll know what car is ... well, Me.