Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If I had kids to take to school, this is what I would do it in

So for the sake of argument, say I've all grown up and now I want that car to take my kids to their private school in. But then, I don't want to arrive at work or that evening drink looking like a dunk either. So what do I buy? What car should I get that will satisfy both my performance desires and my spatial needs with my kids. Furthermore, if I take my wife out for a nice saturday drive, or a friday evening jaunt on the town while we hire a babysitter, will said car make the mood.

Well today I present to you the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Get the AMG trim and you've got a verifiable rocket under the hood. This car is not small, I saw one myself about a month ago and confused it with an S-series. Turns out this is the S-Series for the self-conscious. Not wanting to look stuffy or "old," the CLS is sport, large, and luxury. So I can take the kids to school, with 4 seats (therefore assuming I only have three school aged kids) and after work I can go out for drinks and potential clients will squirm with delight over just what quality service they'll get with guys like me driving cars like that. Finally, this car has four doors, which automatically fits my wife's definition of good looking car, and then its shaped like a coupe which fits my definition of fun to drive. Not cheap, I can only hypothetically own one of these cars for the next few years. But once I can, this is top on my list of cars I'd like to drive every day. Now only if other manufacturers would pick up on the uber-lux-coupe-with-space concept and then I'll have some good old capitalistic choice.


Blogger Gunnar Heinrich said...

Your rear passengers would have to be kids.

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